WOW Mission

Our Mission

The WOW Movement's mission is to reduce the racial wealth gap.

The WOW Movement is recruiting an army of economic fighters. Why? Because white supremacy has waged an economic war against Black people in the U.S. ever since the first slaves were brought here in chains. Therefore, it’s time for people that want a more perfect union to join the Movement and fight to win. Remember, someone fought for us and now it’s our time to fight for future generations.

As real estate and small business entrepreneurs along with first-time Black homebuyers join the Movement, they’ll utilize the following products or services offered by dr. Boyce Watkins’ Black Business School, Strather Academy, EZ Financial Group, LLC, and others to be added as the Movement grows:

  • Black Money 101 – A great course to get you started down the pathway toward financial literacy and an understanding of wealth in America
  • Black Money 102 Learn How the stock market works 
  • Black Money 102 Expanded – everything you need to know to become an active, informed and engaged participant in the American stock market and beyond 
  • The Roundtable – Advanced Real Estate Investors analyzing and discussing where, when, and how to purchase Real Estate Income-Producing Property!   
  • ezTrac Ai – To find discount off-market properties
  • ez 100% Financing For fix & flip real estate investors
  • ez Business Finance Suite Business Financing for all entrepreneurs